About the TS Imagine Developer Program

Rely on TS Imagine’s developer APIs, secure development tools, and experts to customize your trading platform and risk analyses to meet key strategic goals.


Technology is in our DNA – it is central to how we design our offerings and grow our business. You want control over your mission critical systems and we built TS Imagine with that in mind.


  • Scalable, flexible and highly available SaaS architecture makes TS Imagine’s platform secure, efficient, and reliable
  • Full breadth of offerings, including data, FIX as a service, API/SDK ,and infrastructure
  • Supports Excel plugins, COM/API connections
  • Global production operations and support teams, available 24 x 6

Our entire technology stack was created in-house, by developers for developers, and is continuously market-tested to ensure it meets our clients’ rigorous standards.

We emphasize:

  • Compatibility. No need to build your own custom applications ­– simply plug into your data using our APIs, in your preferred language
  • Data-as-a-Service. Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) means you can interact with your data any time, in a secure environment, satisfying your team’s demand for data quality, referential integrity and global availability
  • Easy Integration. Multiple technology options for easy integration. Our language-agnostic solutions offer great flexibility in integrating TS Imagine within your proprietary technology stack
  • Data Access. Access trade data, reference data, historical prices, IOIs, and positions and cash balances
  • Automated Workflows. Automate workflows using your chosen development language.

Expand your digital transformation

TS Imagine’s financial APIs can play a key role in digital transformation. Clients rely on our APIs and data to build new financial applications to meet their specific needs. For example:

  • Connect your proprietary quantitative trading solution to the TS Imagine network to trade real-time across market, asset classes, and brokers
  • Build FIX drop-copies into your OMS and back-office solutions
  • Manage risk/compliance rules
  • Stage-in positions from your proprietary OMS
  • Publish and receive IOIs on the TS Imagine network

APIs by Language

  • FIX
  • COM
  • Rest
  • C#
  • Java

Global Infrastructure

TS Imagine maintains nine private clouds located around the world, fully managed by dedicated TS Imagine engineers and operations staff. Our data centers operate independently, with complete redundancy.

  • Designed for continuous availability and reliability, with both in-data center and cross-data center failovers
  • Private MPLS network, built across multiple diverse network providers
  • Clear operational procedures control availability, latency, performance, efficiency, change management, monitoring, emergency response, and capacity planning
  • 24 x 6 support
  • An end-to-end approach to security designed to exceed in-house and regulatory requirements across global capital markets
  • Private cloud facilities operated with the highest level of physical security, intrusion detection, and production operational integrity
  • Security policies driven by best-practices in cloud computing, networking, and secure engineering, including source code scanning, dynamic scanning, and penetration testing.

Security is our priority

Our security policies, driven by best practices in cloud computing, networking, and secure engineering, includee the following:

  • Application access control, user entitlements, and penetration testing
  • Identification, authentication, and authorization
  • Information and data protection
  • Vulnerability assessment and change management
  • Denial of service and systematic attacks detection
  • Security incident response